Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers Trident Container Leasing B.V.

At Trident Container Leasing B.V., you can buy and lease high quality new and used shipping containers with attractive conditions and good quality service and flexibility.

Trident Container Leasing B.V. is a modern international company specialized in leasing sea containers. Trident also has shipping containers for sale. These are both new and second-hand shipping containers. We provide sea containers for the marine intermodal cargo industry for predominantly international lines and international logistics providers.

We focus on a superior quality fleet providing first-class customer service.

New and used shipping containers

Trident Container Leasing B.V. purchases new and second-hand shipping containers for its container Trading and Leasing Division. These divisions focus on selling, renting and leasing containers on a global basis to container trading companies, logistics providers and end users. Please contact our sales team for the price of used and new containers.

Types of shipping containers

Trident Container leases and trades a variety of containers, such as:

Shipping container sizes

At Trident Container Leasing B.V., we lease and sell shipping containers of different dimensions. We have the following sea container dimensions in stock:

Please look at the container detail pages for the specific shipping container length, width and height. You can also find here the sea container specifications for each type of container. Our containers meet the ISO standards.

Please contact our sales team if we can advise you on this topic.

Reefer containers

Reefer containers are special refrigerated containers. Their temperature can be adapted individually according to the goods in question. This allows vegetables, meat or fish to be  shipped safely to warmer regions.

At Trident Container Leasing B.V., you can lease and buy the following dimensions of the Reefer container:

Flat Rack containers

Flat Rack containers are containers without sidewalls or a roof. They have vertical front sides. This way bulky cargo – like big machinery parts – can be shipped. The cargo is fixed and lashed on the flat racks with belts and chains to ensure safe transit.

We have these containers in stock:

Open Top containers

Open Top containers have a tarpaulin instead of a hard roof. Goods that cannot be loaded through the doors of a Standard container can be stuffed through the top. In addition, cargoes with over height can be shipped in Open Top containers on board of the sea ship. We have these containers in stock:

Pallet Wide containers

Trident Container has a large fleet of Pallet Wide containers. As you can guess from the name, these containers are adequate for shipping Euro-pallets because the interior dimensions are slightly wider than the dimensions of a Standard container.

We lease and sell the following Pallet Wide containers:

Why you should buy or lease your shipping containers at Trident Container Leasing B.V.

Trident Container Leasing B.V. is a reliable partner for leasing or buying shipping containers. We distinguish ourselves in these aspects:


1. Quality

Factory selection
Trident Container Leasing B.V. only purchases from carefully selected manufacturers that meet our stringent quality demands.


    • Optimal Operational Container performance
    • Low “in service” maintenance costs
    • Strict adherence to Trident Container Leasing B.V. specifications
    • Strict use of Trident Container Leasing B.V. nominated suppliers

Manufacturing process
Trident Container Leasing B.V.’s technicians constantly supervise all aspects of the manufacturing process.


    • Best possible quality
    • Ensure equipment meets all international safety requirements

Life expectancy

By using the best available materials from carefully selected suppliers, Trident Container Leasing B.V. ensures that our containers can meet the challenges of high utilization in grueling conditions.


    • Low maintenance cost
    • Reduced “downtime”
    • Return on investment

2. Performance

Optimal Operational performance
At Trident Container Leasing B.V., the containers have to meet our customers’ needs.


    • Safe and secure transport of cargo
    • Elimination of cargo damage

Damage prevention features
The Trident Container Leasing B.V.’s container specifications are above the industry standard.


    • Reduce operating costs
    • Cargo protection

Reduced cargo damage
We place great emphasis on ensuring that our customers satisfy their customers.


    • No lost cargo
    • No costly cargo claims


3. Environment

Latest in environmental technology
Trident Container Leasing B.V. is an environmentally-friendly company.


    • Use the latest in container production technology to protect our environment


4. Cost

Damage prevention
Least possible damage is one of Trident Container Leasing B.V.’s highest priorities.


    • Lowest operating cost
    • Maximum cargo protection

Low maintenance
Trident Container Leasing B.V. uses high-quality materials.


    • Lowest operating cost
    • Meet life expectancy

Minimize downtime
Fewer repairs mean less “downtime”.


    • Always have equipment available to serve our customer’s needs

Total cost of ownership
We invest in the best specifications in the business.


    • Low operating costs
    • High return on investment

Our containers

Standard container

Standard container
20ft container

The Standard container is, as the name suggests, the most generally used container.

Standard 40ft container

Standard container
40ft container

The Standard 40ft containers are twice as big as the popular Standard 20ft containers.

40ft High Cube container

High Cube container
40ft container

The 40ft High Cube containers are circa 30 cm higher than the 40ft Standard containers.

20ft Reefer container

Reefer container
20ft container

The 20ft Reefer container is a special refrigerated container. The Reefer container can be used for cooling and freezing.

40ft High Cube Reefer container

High Cube Reefer container
40ft container

Reefer containers are used for the transportation of food, like vegetables, fish and meat.

20ft Flat Rack container

Flat Rack container
20ft container

The 20ft Flat Rack container is used to transport bulky oversized cargo. Flat Racks are shipping containers without sidewalls or a roof.

Flat Rack container
40ft container

The 40ft Flat Rack containers are used to transport oversized cargo that does not fit into a regular shipping container.

Open Top containers

Open Top  container
20ft container

The 20ft Open Top container is meant for cargo that can be loaded with a crane from the upper side.

40ft Open Top container

Open Top container
40ft container

The 40ft Open Top Shipping container can be used for special and heavy goods.

40ft Pallet Wide containers

Pallet Wide  container
40ft container

The 40ft Pallet Wide containers are circa 30 cm higher than the 40ft Standard containers.

40ft High Cube Pallet Wide container

Pallet Wide High Cube container
40ft container

The 40ft High Cube Pallet Wide container is higher than the regular container.

45ft High Cube Pallet Wide Reefer container

Pallet Wide High Cube Reefer container
45ft container

The 45’HCPW containers are circa 30 cm higher than the 45ft Standard Containers. Capacity of this Reefer container is 33 Euro-pallets.

Quotation of seacontainers prices and costs

Please contact us to hear about new and second-hand container prices or about the attractive conditions for buying and leasing sea containers.